Thursday, July 9, 2009

weight loss

My brother has challenged me to lose weight. Every 10 pounds he is going to give me $50.00. Now, who can pass that up? I'm not going to...:)

So, I'm on my way...I lost 4 1/2 pounds this week and I was even sick on Monday! That's probably why I lost so much but hey, 4 1/2 pounds is 4 1/2 pounds, right? I only have six more to go to get the
first $50.00! I've decided I will post as much about this journey as I can. Right now I have time since I'm UNEMPLOYED!!! UGH! That's another subject for another day!!! :)

As of today, this is what I look like. I'll post another pic for each 10 pound loss. Hope I get to post a lot of pics! :)

Have a great afternoon!

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