Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pet Peeves

Do you have pet peeves? I do and I've been wanting to write these particular ones for a while. I think we should start a book of pet peeves or maybe another name for it would be Social Etiquette in Public.

1. Grocery Store Etiquette - I can't stand it when I'm in the line paying and the person behind me is, I mean, like right behind me or right beside me waiting for their turn to pay. It makes me want to turn to them and say, "Hey, could you get out of my space and give me some breathing room." I feel like I'm being rushed, if you know what I mean....

2. Another Store etiquette is when the cashier rushes you off before you can even get all your bags and change/credit card put away just so they can move on to the next customer. What's your hurry? you are there until the end of your shift anyway.... In this economy, I think Customer Service should be upmost in all of our minds, right?

3. Elevator Etiquette - While waiting for an elevator you should stand aside until everyone gets off and then enter the elevator. Don't stand directly in front of the elevator because that is irritating to the people getting off the elevator.

4. Computer keyboards that mess up and keys stop working. Like mine right now...the "y" doesn't work so I have to cut and paste and some other keys aren't working, too. It slows me down.

Okay, these are some of my pet peeves. Just had to get these into the open.... I know it sounds negative but I was just thinking about it today so I thought I would put this in today's blog. I promise my next blog will be more uplifting....

Hope everyone has a great afternoon.....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Okay, so I'm just starting this. Not much to say today but I will have more in the next few days. Gotta get my thoughts together.....:)

It's a beautiful day! Not too hot. It actually feels cool outside. But, the hot weather is on the way! I'm in Texas, after all so I'm just waiting for the weather to change! I don't like the really hot weather but I prefer it to blizzard conditions!!! :) Like I've ever lived where they have blizzard conditions....I've always lived in Texas! And, isn't everybody wanting to get to Texas as soon as they can???? Just kidding....:)

Well, just wanted to get started with this blogging thing so I'll write more in the next few days. Got some errands to run, etc., so I'll be back on later.