Friday, February 19, 2010

Unemployed again

Well, the temp job I had since September ended on January 29, 2010. So, I'm unemployed again. And to be honest, I am disgusted. I mean, I knew the job would end but I was so hoping for a few more weeks of employment. I'm disgusted with being unemployed and I'm disgusted with Corporate America. I'm just disgusted.....:) Now, who knows how much longer it will be before I get another job. Another 6-8 months? Oh well, guess that's just the way my life is right now.

So, I have to get out o
f this disgusted stage I'm in and figure out what I'm going to do. Hmmmm.....marry a millionaire? Not likely to happen. Awwww......Plan B! and C! and D!, etc., Back to the old drawing board....possibly go back to school...and look for another career. The Human Resources well is going dry, I'm afraid. At least at my current level. No degree, know what I mean.

So, what to do....Business degree? Music degree? Go to a trade school (as in Everest College, Kaplan College or online courses) ? hmm....lot's o
f choices. We'll see what the next few weeks hold. Unemployment here I come again....ugh!

To be continued.....