Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Single Person's Lament

I did not write this but thought it worthy of putting on here. I have had these thoughts SO many times! Basically, just because I'm single, don't go thinking I'm rich or I have this HUGE amount of MORE time than you! Get over yourself!

~The Single Persons' Lament~ "Being single is not who I am- yes it is part
of me, but it is not what defines me entirely- for you to think my whole life
revolves around me being single and therefore I am thinking about and trying to
look for a mate every second of every day is absurd. That would be as absurd as
me believing that every second of every day you are thinking about pizza. Yes
you probably like pizza- I mean, who doesn't?- But do I believe that it consumes
your every thought and controls your every decision? That at every moment your
true motive is only to find a slice of pizza to savor? I do not think this about
you, so please do not think that my every thought and desire is focused on me
finding someone. I may think about finding someone and even joke about being
single, but I am a whole person. I am not sitting around just waiting for the
right person to come around and "complete me". I can be a good friend, a good
worker, a dependable person, and yes even a GROWN-UP, without being married. I
am a valuable contributing member of society. I am someone that can be counted
on and I am a responsible adult. I may be willing to peacefully go and sit at
the childrens table once in awhile beause no one knows where to put me, but it
doesn't make me a child. I may not have children but that does not mean I do not
have other responsibilities or even other people that depend on me. Don't think
that I have way more free time than you or that all of my time or money is spent
on frivolous waste. I have bills, and things that are required of me too. Time
for all of us is a vacuum- if you have any extra, it will soon be filled up with
everyones "worthy causes". I am glad for the things I am able to do for
others-but just like you -I have to make time for it. I am not stuck in a time
warp. Life does go on even for single people. Age and experience happen to
everyone and are not suspended because you are not married. A single person
while having their own struggles as well, goes through many of the same things a
married person does- just without the support of a spouse. So before you stick
me in a box thinking I just wouldn't understand, or that we have nothing in
common, please- consider what I have written." (My apologies to all extreme
pizza lovers)

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