Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Skagway, Tracy Arm fjord, Victoria, Canada

So tonight I thought I would finish the blogging on my trip to Alaska. Here we go....

Skagway, Monday - 8-11-09

Beautiful little western style town. I believe it was the town where the Gold Rush started in the 1800's. When we got off the ship we walked into the town. It was about a 1/2 mile walk. The town looks like an old western town but it has a lot of tourist shops. We walked around a little bit and then took a bus to the summit and into the border of Canada. The people in Alaska are very friendly. Our bus driver was very informative. On the way to the summit he talked about Alaska and about Skagway. The following pics are of Skagway, the summit and right past the border of Canada. Enjoy!

Us at the Summit close to the Canadian Border

This is the road going
further into Canada. I wanted to go there but this is where we turned around and went back to Skagway.

Tracy Arm fjord - Tuesday - 8-12-09

What can I say? Absolutely beautiful! This is not a place where you can get off the ship but a place to view the Sawyer Glacier. When I went to the top deck the scene was breathtaking. And something I noticed, it was so QUIET! You would see birds every once in a while and my brother Nate was able to snap a pic of some seals hanging out on an iceberg. The following pics are of Tracy Arm. They can never express exactly how beautiful it was but it will give you an idea.

Seals on the icebergs - Nate took this one!

This is the Sawyer Glacier.
What an awesome display o
f God's creation!

Victoria, Canada - Thursday - 8-13-09

After Tracy Arm, we had another night and day at sea before docking in Victoria. Tuesday night was another formal night on board. Then, we docked at Victoria. This was another bittersweet visit for our family because the last time we were here in 2002 Dad was with us. So, we took a walk around the town and also walked to the hotel we stayed at the last time we were here. Some of the following pics are of that hotel. Victoria is a very beautiful town. The Parliament of British Columbia is located here and we got to tour that building. Beautiful. So, these pics are of Victoria.

When we got back on the ship from walking around Victoria we went to dinner. While eating, the ship completely stopped so of course we were wondering why. We never really found out but we thought that since Seattle was only a little distance away from Victoria, the ship just drifted all night until we got to the Seattle port. Victoria was our last port of call before going back to Seattle.

The trip was a beautiful experience but you know how it is....I was ready to start coming back home! I'll never forget this trip and I do plan on going back to Alaska! So now it's back to the old grind. I finally got a job offer so in September it's back to the workforce! But that's okay. God is good and I'm glad I will have a job now since I've been unemployed since January. I'm grateful.

The flowers in Victoria are beautiful and mom just loves them. Had to get a pic with her beside some of them.

This is us in front of the hotel we stayed at in 2002.

I hope you enjoy all these pics and I hope you enjoyed the blog about my trip.....until next time, when I have something else to say....:)